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Templates and Resources

Students have a discussion in front of the word wall in SASE.

Marketing and Communications provides custom templates and image repositories to the D'Youville community to help strengthen our brand identity.

As a member of the D'Youville community, you have the ability to influence how students, our peers, and the general community view our school. These templates help to ensure audiences identify with our brand, regardless of the person presenting the information or the information being presented. We encourage you to use these templates when presenting research, creating internal documents, or leading a presentation.

PowerPoint Template

The D'Youville PowerPoint template offers a wide range of slide layouts for titles, bulleted information, and section dividers. Users should combine the template with strong, visually-engaging photography from D'Youville's photo repository.

Word Template (Online)

Using branded documents for communication allows D'Youville to ensure audiences are familiar with our brand, regardless of the context in which they interact with our content. Use hierarchy and white space to give your users the most readability possible on any device.

Print Templates

Using the print templates allows members of the D'Youville community who present their research or other information to the community to strengthen their association with D'Youville. Each of the templates allows for the information to be presented uniformly across schools, departments, and offices.