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On-Campus Residency Requirements

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National statistics show that students who live in residence halls tend to perform better academically, are more engaged on campus.

Students who share a living space and develop their own community receive integral psychological development and valuable life skills. These skills include conflict resolution, adaptability, respect, compromise, and accepting the ideas and worth of those from diverse backgrounds.  

Studies also show that students who live in residence halls also acclimate more rapidly to the collegiate environment and are more satisfied with their overall experience.  

All undergraduate students are required to live on campus during their first year of attendance, except as noted below or decided upon by the Director of Residence Life after review of an official appeal.  

First-Year Housing Policy Exceptions

The only exceptions to the residency requirement are as follow: 

  • Students commuting less than 30 miles from their parent or legal guardian’s permanent home address. 
  • Transfer students with junior or senior status based on accepted credit transfer. 
  • Married students (with proof of marriage certificate). 
  • Veterans (with proof of military service). 
  • Students who show proof of independent standing by maintaining financial independence for at least two years prior. 
  • Students who have dependent children. 
  • Students who are under the age of 16, or older than 24 years of age, before September 1 of the current academic year.  
  • The student has a medical housing need that cannot be reasonably accommodated by the College. 
  • Students coming from abroad.

Students who do not have an exception to the residency requirement but feel as though their personal circumstances are extenuating and require them to reside off campus will need to appeal, in writing, to the Director of Residence Life. 

Residency Requirement Appeals

Appeals to reside off campus will need to include the following information: 

  • The reason the student needs to reside off campus. 
  • The address and property type where the student plans to reside. 
  • The sustainable transportation the student plans to use to commute to campus. 
  • The time management plan the student has in place to ensure academic success.  

Appeals to reside off campus will be considered on a holistic basis and a decision will be made and delivered to the student within five business days. Appeals to reside off campus cannot be submitted after the start of the academic semester. 

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